What is AVA?

As the native cryptocurrency of the Travala.com platform, AVA (BEP-2 token standard) is at the heart of all existing and future use cases Travala.com is pursuing.
With AVA, the incentive to use Travala.com becomes even stronger as it provides additional benefits and enhanced user engagement.

As the Travala.com consumer base continues to grow, usage of AVA is integral to your experience on the platform. With its use incentivised by valuable rewards, demand for AVA can
be expected to grow in line with platform adoption, leading to the establishment of a healthy internal token economy from which all stakeholders may benefit.

AVA usecases

The team at Travala.com is constantly looking for ways to improve the utility of AVA through new partnerships, integrations and additions to our rewards programs.
Below we explain the use cases starting with the Smart Program then other use cases for AVA.


Pay for your trip using AVA. Pay the full amount of your accommodation bookings with the AVA token and you will get an extra 3% discount of the total price.

Booking Givebacks

For each booking completed on Travala.com you get up to 5% of your final booking price paid back in AVA.

Price Guarantee

We will match any public competitor’s price. If you book a stay on Travala.com and find a cheaper price elsewhere, you can claim the difference in AVA.

Repurchasing Plan

The repurchasing plan take’s place every quarter. The amount of AVA to be repurchased each quarter is based on 20% of net booking revenue.

Pay your Bills with AVA

Pay any Australian bill with AVA – electricity bills, car registration, mobile phone, credit card, school fees, rent or even a bank account

Spend & Shop

Spend and shop with your AVA as payment at over 5,000 e-commerce merchants worldwide made possible by our strategic partnership with Coingate.

TravalAds (coming soon)

Hotels and travel suppliers can use AVA to pay for priority seeding of their product in search results. This extends to any travel-related services.

Review rewards (coming soon)

Rewards for travellers who leave an authentic review about their stay. Only possible to review a confirmed booking. All review rewards are paid in AVA. .

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