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Smart program

Smart program offers up to 5% discount off the listed prices together with up to 5% loyalty reward after you have completed your stay. It works on holding a tiered amount of AVA
in your wallet. When activated it applies to hotel and accommodation bookings that have the Smart Icon available. You will also earn bonus rewards of 8.04% APY just for activating the membership.

Membership Tiers and Benefits

There are tiered levels of the Smart progam and they will offer the following benefits.

SMART level Amount of AVA SMART discount SMART loyalty SMART bonus Pay full with AVA
Level 1 250 1% 2% 8.04% APY 3% OFF
Level 2 500 2% 2% 8.04% APY 3% OFF
Level 3 1250 3% 3% 8.04% APY 3% OFF
Level 4 2000 4% 4% 8.04% APY 3% OFF
Level 5 2500 5% 5% 8.04% APY 3% OFF
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